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If you are considering becoming a volunteer, please contact the individual projects to find out more and apply. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

I volunteer for Gateway Trust Counselling as a counselling student and always feel welcome and at home... My confidence is growing as a result.

Shabby Chair

I wanted to volunteer at Gateway Trust Counselling, because it really is a caring, supportive environment. It's a safe place to talk to someone without judgement and the passion of our ethos is infectious.

Cup of Tea

I find being a volunteer welcomer at Gateway Trust Counselling is a lovely way to meet new people and make new friends.


It’s a joy to be part of a dedicated, caring team at Gateway Trust Counselling. They just want to help people and to make a difference - and they do.


Helping at the Art4All art classes is a highlight of my week. The atmosphere in the classes is so nurturing, it's like spending two hours in a bubble of love, warmth and creativity.


We all have busy lives but giving a few hours each term makes you realise that simple pleasures are so rewarding not only for the Art4All students but also for the volunteers.


Being a volunteer at Art4All is just joyful. Day trips to The Lowry and Whalley Abbey have been real highlights this year. And I’ve learnt lots about art!


I look forward to my sessions with Art4All. It is a really positive and friendly atmosphere and that develops confidence and brings out the best in all who attend.

Foodbank 1.jpg

I feel I am helping a community who need a step up in life when I volunteer at the Foodbank. However I feel I get as much out of this support as people get from us but in a different way!

blurred foodbank.jpg

Knowing we are part of a wider Foodbank team helping those in need in our community is both rewarding and satisfying and I really enjoy the time I spend in the Foodbank Warehouse.


As Foodbank volunteers, we collect donations from the local supermarkets, weigh and date all produce, and deliver the stock requests to Trinity. Invariably we stop for a cuppa and put the world to rights -  a tradition we shall never give up!

I volunteer at the Olive Branch, which offers support, care and love to people facing really difficult problems. The support workers show wonderful understanding of the many problems people face and we often see people leave with a smile.

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